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Phone: +7 (812) 922-14-18 / 924-14-18 / 925-14-18

Mini-hotel at Grazhdansky Mini-hotel at Lunacharsky Mini-hotel at Prosvesheniya

«Colonial» 2 hours — 2200 3 hours — 2500 12 hours — 4700 day — 6300 Reserve

«Modern» 2 hours — 1500 3 hours — 1800 12 hours — 3600 day — 4800 Reserve

«Provence» 2 hours — 1500 3 hours — 1800 12 hours — 3600 day — 4300 Reserve


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horse.png A chain of “Alt Ritter” mini hotels is a unique project, and our motto   states: "Life has a flavor!"

Without false modesty, we can say that our hotel is truly unique. It amazes your senses and takes you back to the age of chivalry, where the main aesthetic elements were stone, wood and metal.


Our mini hotel “Alt Ritter” is located in immediate proximity to the metro station “Ozerki” and the metro station “Prospekt Prosvezheniya”. We side with a major traffic artery (Vyborgskoye hw.), which leads to the one of the most beautiful cities of the Leningrad region - the city of Vyborg.


“Alt Ritter” pay by the hour mini hotel is conveniently located in a new residential complex at Vyborgskoye highway, 27, building 3, (2nd floor).


Having chosen “Alt Ritter” mini hotel in the north of St. Petersburg you will be taken to a unique leisure complex, designed to resemble a medieval knight's castle.


Hotel rooms are furnished with tailor made, hand-crafted furniture . The original interior is complimented with all the necessary facilities that are created in different architectural styles (classical, retro). Each room has a fireplace.


All hotel guests, currently staying at “Alt Ritter” mini hotel are welcome to use our sauna made from “abachi” wood, which quickly heats up to the temperature of your body. Sauna features all the necessary accessories.


The perfect addition to our cozy “Alt Ritter” mini-hotel is a bar designed as a medieval castle. You can always enjoy homemade meals made exclusively for you, on request.


Please notice that “Alt Ritter” mini-hotel has no checkout time. For your convenience, the time of your stay is counted from the time of booking, something that not all hotels can offer.

“Alt Ritter” mini-hotel has opened breanches at two new locations: Kalininsky district, metro station “Grazhdansky Prospekt”:

Str. Uchitelskaya, 18, bldg. 1 (2nd floor);

Pr. Lunacharsky, 96, bldg. 2 (1st floor, separate entrance).

Your visit to the “Alt Ritter” is only possible by appointment, for more information, please call:

+7 (812) 925-14-18 (Lunacharsky)

+7 (812) 922-14-18 (Prosvesheniya)

+7 (812) 924-14-18 (Grazhdansky)